Tex-Mex Sizzler

With all the new Tex-Mex and Mexican eateries opening inside the Loop in the past few years -- Hugo's, Maria Selma and Berryhill, to name a few -- we sometimes tend to forget old favorites. Jalapeos Restaurant (2702 Kirby Drive, 713-524-1668) has been around for decades, winning awards and accolades for its laid-back style and yummy Tex-Mex dishes. At just $12.99, Jalapeos' mesquite grilled fajitas can feed three. The premium skirt-steak strips, cut thick and left pink in the center, are served sizzlin' hot on a bed of grilled onions and roasted bell peppers, with soft flour tortillas and heaping portions of fresh pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream on the side. The beef's marinade has a hint of lime and spices, but the real secret to the flavor is the mesquite-burning stove, which adds a taste of Texas smoke to the dish.


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