That '70s Place

Like your parents' den, Bellaire Broiler Burger [5216 Bellaire Blvd., (713)668-8171] is a comforting blast from the past, with wood paneling, orange upholstery, a vinyl portable bar and a television. It's enough to make you feel like eating off a TV tray while the boob tube blares some meaningless ball game. All that's missing is a fat burger, right? BBB can take care of that with its No. 7 steak burger ($3.40). The flame-broiled half-pounder is simply a larger version of its regular all-beef patties, but loyal customers swear it tastes different. More meat to the bite will alter your perceptions that way. Pair the thick and juicy handful with some fat crinkle-cut fries and a cold Bud. Just remember: Don't call the waiter Dad.


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