The Best Block in Houston Gets Better

Known to fans as "The Best Block in Houston," 3600 Main houses some of the city's best, quirkiest and most diverse establishments: Tacos A Go-Go, t'afia, The Breakfast Klub, Sig's Lagoon, The Continental Club, Shoeshine Charlie's Big Top Lounge, The Mink, Julia's Bistro, and the Midtown Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings.

Across the street is the popular Ensemble Theatre and smack in the middle of all this is the ever-handy light rail, with a stop directly in front of the block itself.  It's an urban oasis and proof that Houston is ever-evolving.

The good news?  It's only going to get better.  The Best Block in Houston is set to expand!

According to local blogger and radio personality, Jay Lee, the owners of The Continental Club and several other businesses at 3600 Main have purchased the land and vacant building next door at 3700 Main.  In an art-deco structure that one housed a law firm, they plan to build three new developments: a coffee shop, a burger and pizza joint, and a new club that's tentatively being called "Wallpaper."

The better news?  They're actively working towards restoring the original art deco facade of the building and progress is already underway.  Jay reports that:

As they are working to demo the building they are finding that a very interesting art deco style facade was simply covered with stucco by the previous owners.

Pete [Gordon, manager of The Continental Club] tells me that the intention is to try and preserve as much of the original exterior as is possible which is very commendable.

No date has been revealed for the opening of the coffee shop, restaurant or club, but it's anticipated that a long road of demolition and remodeling lies ahead before they'll be ready.  Houston will eagerly be waiting on the other side when they're finished.

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Katharine Shilcutt