Troy Fields


The Boondocks (1417 Westheimer #2, 713-522-8500) is your basic hipster scene: lots of inked, horny people swilling Lone Star and running up and down the stairs to smoke, because you're only allowed to smoke upstairs. The place is really cozy, the bartenders are cool as hell and you can get totally shit-faced and loud and nobody cares. I, for some odd reason, get in one of those moods where I want to buy everybody near me a shot, and nobody turns me down. Seventeen shots later, I'm talking to a girl from India named Puji and inviting myself back to her hotel. Magically, a cab appears outside and whisks her away to safety. No stranger to rejection, I just head upstairs and start flirting with a scenester chick named Linda while Little Joe Washington plays his usual set of bayou-laced blues. It's a perfect backdrop for getting plastered and trying to forget how big my tab is.

2 ounces Smirnoff Black Cherry vodka

1 ounce Red Bull


The Boondocks

Splash of cranberry juice

Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker and strain into a chilled shot glass. Repeat 17 times...


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