The Burger Bar in Llano, Texas

The Burger Bar in Llano, Texas

A recent drive to a family wedding routed my car through Llano. Llano is on the (surprise!) Llano River, pretty much smack dab in the middle of Texas. Whenever I travel, I find the easiest way to find a good local spot is to look for a restaurant with a lot of cars. When I drove by the Burger Bar (608 Bessemer Ave., 325-247-4660), it was packed and the line was at the front door. It moved fast, though, so we hurriedly tried to figure out what we wanted.

This was obviously a classic Llano spot; there were walls plastered with thank-yous from local agencies, browning newspaper clippings and plaques of local newspaper awards. The burgers were great - juicy, fresh and cheap, if not too imaginative. My dining companion got a chicken sandwich with bacon -- a heart shaped portion topped with mayo, lettuce, cheese and tomato. It was okay but definitely did not hold a candle to my burger.

We each got a side of onion rings and tater tots. Both were food-service pre-frozen: the onion rings were still good and fresh, while the tater tots were very overcooked. We topped off our meal with a glass of the Burger Bar's awesome sweet tea.

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