The California Burger at Becks Prime

The California Burger at Becks Prime

Against my will I went for the first time to Becks Prime, which my husband loves, but I had thus far avoided. I was probably the only person in Houston who had not and never ever planned to try a Becks burger. My "meating" companion and burger expert friend had deemed them sub-par, and I wasn't about to waste my time when I had a whole list of other places to try.

Nevertheless, after one visit I was converted into a (reluctant) fan. My Becks California Burger ($9) was among the best single burger experiences I've had in Houston. Not number one, but definitely top five. The meat was moist, medium-rare like I asked for, and emitted smoky juices that mingled delightfully with the two slices of melted Swiss cheese. The grilled onions (also a generous scoop added as per my request) were soft and sweet, a nice complement to the creamy, slightly spicy guacamole. Plump tomatoes and crisp lettuce crowned the large patty, which just spilled out of the toasted egg bun.

After a few chomps I gave up on two-handed consumption and cut the burger in half, thinking perhaps I could fight temptation and save the rest for lunch the next day. Didn't happen.

I won't claim the burgers at Becks Prime are transcendentally delicious like some of the others I've had in Houston, or even consistently good. I will, however, stop ignoring the chain's existence and rolling my eyes every time someone else proclaims their love for the Becks burger. And maybe I'll even visit again soon.


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