The Fearless Critic Does SXSW

Although South by Southwest doesn't take place in Houston, you wouldn't know it from all the hoopla that goes on here in the days and weeks leading up to the festival.

And because plenty of Houstonians will be making the trek to Mecca Austin to see their favorite bands play bands that record labels want to force down your throat for mercifully short sets and -- of course, see Metallica play at Stubbs -- you should at least eat good food while you're there.

For that, you can turn to Robin Goldstein's Fearless Critic.  Although the Fearless Critic website -- and its many thorough and reliable reviews -- are normally only available through a yearly subscription, the entire site will be free during the duration of SXSW (March 12 through March 22).

So make sure you check out Fearless Critic's site before you end up at the world's worst Tex-Mex joint, surrounded by equally clueless music journalists from New York City who don't know any better.


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