The Five Best Spots in Houston for Take-Out and a Picnic

Bring your burgers to Watonga Park in Garden Oaks, and soak up some sun.
Bring your burgers to Watonga Park in Garden Oaks, and soak up some sun.
Photo courtesy Google Earth

What is up with this Spring?

Usually by this time of year we're all cranking up the ACs as high as they can go and wishing we had oxygen masks when we go outside so we could breathe a little easier in the hot soup-like air. But something weird is going on this year. It's actually still kind of nice outside. Of course, putting that in print is bound to jinx it, but while there's still a nice breeze happening and temperatures in the 75 to 85-degree range, I say we get out and soak it up.

Instead of slaving over the perfect picnic, though, why not let someone else do the work for you? Here are the best spots in town where you can get food to-go and dine al fresco.

Mytiburger and Watonga Parkway Park Never heard of Watonga Parkway Park? You sheltered Inner-Looper. Just kidding. I only know about it because I have a friend who lives near there, but it turns out the park at the intersection of TC Jester and 43rd Street is a nice spot for a meal. There's a running trail, a cement-lined creek (not the prettiest, but it'll do), grassy hills and groves of trees for shade. Stop by Mytiburger, serving the Oak Forest area classic Texas-style burgers since 1967 for a meal on-the-go. From Mytiburger on West 43rd Street, it's only a short walk to Watonga Parkway Park, burgers and milkshakes in hand.

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