The Five Best Underrated Breakfast Spots (According to You)

Your No. 5 pick is a classic diner serving Houston since 1938.
Your No. 5 pick is a classic diner serving Houston since 1938.
Photo courtesy Avalon Diner

This was a tight and contentious race, if e'er I saw one.

Much of the discussion revolved around what is or is not an underrated spot for the most important meal of the day. For example, some of you posited that Down House might be the most underrated because you absolutely love it and fear it doesn't get enough credit, while others argued there's nothing underrated about the beloved Heights restaurant.

De gustibus non est disputandum, eh?

Anyway, after the votes were tallied, we ended up with the closest results we've had yet in one of these polls. In fact, there's a tie for first place between two totally different restaurants. I'm happy to know we're still a super diverse city, Houston, even when it comes to something as simple as breakfast.

5. Avalon Diner Open since 1938, Avalon Diner is known for its Blue Plate specials and its all-day breakfast, which includes some of the best greasy spoon-style grub in town. Whether you want an omelet packed with steak and cheese or a pancake sandwich--yes, that's two eggs sandwiched between two pancakes--Avalon will continue to put out the same comfort food it's been selling consistently for the past 76 years. It's fast, cheap and home of the best milkshakes in Houston year after year.

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