The Fries at Lola

The Fries at Lola

At the end of August, the Chron's Alison Cook released a top ten list of her French Fry Hall of Fame. The fries at the places on the list I have been to, I totally agree, are the city's best. The fries at Little Big's are indeed "remarkably consistent." And I agree that the sticks o' potato at Pappa's BBQ are a great mix of fluffy and crispy and sometimes taste like a baked potato.

I have one quibble with the list.

There was no mention of the magic being served up at Lola in The Heights. I can't say which joint I would have left off the top ten, but I think Lola should have been there somehow, some way. I have never had a bad batch of fries at Lola. Every single time, they are perfect. The texture is spot-on, but what really makes them is the seasoning - slightly herb-y, sea salty and, here's the kicker, slightly sweet too. I'm not sure whether they actually add a dash of sugar or it's just a natural sweetness, but whatever the case, they are crave-able.

Stop by and try them. Where else would you have included in your own Fry Hall of Fame?


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