The Houston Press 1993 Menu from Hell

When the damned gather for New Year's Eve Chez Lucifer, I suggest they dine on this guaranteed true-to-life banquet culled from actual Houston menus, vintage 1993. Surely we must take perverse civic pride that our enterprising local chefs have devised an assortment of dishes so silly, misbegotten, infelicitously named or otherwise hideous-sounding; even the terrifyingly inventive chefs of Los Angeles or Dallas would be hard put to surpass this fiendishly festive IcarteI. And where else, pray tell, would a bistro feature the disconcerting likes of a beef dish christened after a diabolically meddlesome, hellaciously uncosmetic private dick?

The Houston Press makes no representations as to the edibility of said dishes: They may be every bit as palatable as the tofu-skin salad touted in these very pages not long ago. But weÕll never know, will we? Because to encounter these menu offerings is to snigger helplessly, lose one's appetite or experience a powerful urge to flee. In such circumstances, are we likely to do as the name of an actual dish from the Gulf Freeway's Bombay Oven commands us, and ÒTrust the Chef"? No way.

Before toasting our winners, tribute must be paid to the entire menu from LupeÕs Tortillas, an infernally irritating document rendered in pseudo-Tex Mex dialect. To wit: "Cheekin Lupe"; "Beeg Sucker Burrito"; ÒServes four hongry gringosÓ; etc. ad nauseam. Truly a menu from hell, Highway 6-style. Bravo, beeg suckers! Bravo, too, to our favorite Superfund site for producing the 1993 home chef's dish from hell: "Clear Creek Fisherman's Special -- Poisson Dangereux a la Brio Oil Refinery." Yum.

And see you in court.

Herewith, discerning readers, the year's hellish bill of fare. I solicit your suggestions for 1994 with morbid anticipation. Meanwhile, bon appetit.

Shish-Ka-Billy-Bob with Pango Pango sauce
Lake Longhorn Grill

Federal Express Burger
Cockpit Grill

Pork Caramel
Blue Orchid Viet-Thai

Casserole of Charred Mixed Vegetables
La Mer (R.I.P.)

World Trade Center Sandwich

Seafood Love Boat Sizzled over Rice Crispies
China Station

Steak Clyde Wilson
Cafe Elegante

Saltimbocca a la Mussolini

Roast Pork Ends
Auntie Chang's Dumpling House

Taste of Texas

Squid Sandwich
The Quilted Toque

Charred Tomato
Gnocchi, Lobster Hash & Coral Butter Sauce
La Reserve

Scrambled Eggs in Bologna Cups

Guru Special
Golden Room

Meat Ravioli with Alfredo Clam Sauce
Fred's Italian Corner

Cinnamon Roasted Pheasant with Green Chili Vinaigrette
Cafe Annie

Gorgonzola Cheese Tortellini with Smoked Mussels in Parmesan Cream
Charley's 517

Coconut Fried Shrimp with Marmalade Sauce
Outback Steakhouse

Organic Tofu Turkey
A Moveable Feast

Ice Cream Tacos
Lupe's Tortillas

Strawberries in Raspberry Vinaigrette, Cracked Pepper & Equal
Cent' Anni

King Rat Gateau with Dancing Marzipan Mice
Omni Hotel

Candied Jalapeno Ice Cream

Promenade Grill, Doubletree Hotel at Post Oak

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