The Houston Press Is Expanding Its Food Coverage, Has Opening for a Freelance Restaurant Reviewer

The Houston food scene is gloriously rich, wild and big. And getting bigger.

As a result, we at the Houston Press have decided to split up some of the responsibilities of our food coverage. Restaurant critic Kaitlin Steinberg will remain fulltime but move to a new role with additional daily online food writing and planning duties.

And, we are searching for a freelance restaurant critic who will be responsible for writing one longer restaurant review a week to appear in print and online for us.

"When we started more than 25 years ago, we were print-only. With the digital age and its increasing demands it makes sense to have more than one person tackling the restaurant and food scene in Houston for our readers," said Editor-in-Chief Margaret Downing.

Accompanying the switch will be an increased budget to further enhance the publication's already comprehensive food coverage, Downing said.

And now for the details:

We are looking for a writer who can build on the success of our award-winning food coverage. Ideal candidates must:

Possess the writing/research skills to produce stylish, provocative weekly restaurant reviews.

Have strong opinions that they are prepared to broadcast and defend Have a sophisticated knowledge of food and restaurants, either self-taught or through professional kitchen experience/education.

Email your cover letter, resume, clips or a sample review to


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