Troy Fields


When it comes to bars, Monday nights are usually reminiscent of a George Romero flick. You've basically got three groups straight out of Dawn of the Dead: loners, drunks and people with nothing better to do. So I'm pleasantly surprised when I stumble upon The Mezzanine Lounge (2200 Southwest Freeway, 713-528-6399) and find myself immersed in a pack of poker players and Rockets fans all screaming at each other, the staff and Yao Ming. It's always nicer to mingle with the living rather than the living dead. And lively definitely describes Heather and Andrea, the two curvaceous bartenders working the lower floor. Downstairs is where all the regulars sit, and it's definitely got more of a Cheers vibe than your typical sports bar. "But you need to come on the last Saturday of the month," Heather tells me. "Any month." That's when The Mezzanine morphs into a carnival of debauchery with mud wrestling, scantily clad bartenders in dunking booths and bar managers making drunken asses out of themselves in photos that somehow land on the back pages of the esteemed publication you're reading right now. "Don't ask me how it happened, but it involved a dude in a coconut bra," Andrea says. Needless to say, this place is more than your average sports bar. There are more tales, some having to do with half-naked Roller Derby girls, but to hear those, you'll have to ask Heather and Andrea yourself.

3/4 ounces Tuaca

3/4 ounces Stoli Blueberi


The Mezzanine Lounge

splash Red Bull

Combine Tuaca and Stoli Blueberi in shaker, shake vigorously. Strain into double shot glass, and top off with Red Bull.


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