The Top 10 Restaurants in the Heights

Sous vide pork at Textile.
Sous vide pork at Textile.

Creating a top ten list for the Heights is an intimidating process. At a basic level, it's difficult to even define the Heights. And with so many great restaurants to choose from, we've had to leave out popular spots Teotihuacan, Vietnam Restaurant, and Onion Creek for - well -- better places. Below are our ten favorite spots in the 'hood. And while we chose strictly based on how much we enjoy the food, the list reflects a nice range of cuisines and price levels. Enjoy!

10. Textile

Textile has the promise to be on a Top 10 list for all of Houston, but hasn't yet reached its potential. Savory dishes are often overshadowed by the exceptional desserts set forth by pastry chef (and James Beard nominee) Plinio Sandalio. But owner Scott Tycer recently brought in rising star Ryan Hildebrand to shake things up as the restaurant's new chef. We're excited to see what fireworks the move brings.

9. Carter & Cooley

This endearing little deli on 19th Ave. has been a Houston spectacular for twenty years. Why? The outgoing staff claims that they craft every sandwich "as though it were the only sandwich we were going to make." And it's true: Sandwiches are large, packed with fresh-sliced meat and toppings, and served on thick slices of soft bread. Makes for a perfectly dreamy lunch.

Chilosos breafast tacos.
Chilosos breafast tacos.

8. Chilosos Taco House

You'll find the neighborhood's best breakfast tacos at Chiloso's on 20th. Watch as they make their deliciously thick tortillas from scratch on the front counter as you order. Bacon, egg, and cheese rules the roost, but if chicken's your thing, try pollo a la Mexicana in your tacos. It's tender roasted and topped with a slight bit of spicy red sauce. Delish.

7. Shade

Housed in a lovely, open space on 19th Avenue, Shade is one of our favorite Sunday brunches in town. Egg dishes shine, as does the buttermilk fried chicken -- but you'll truly find outstanding dishes here any day of the week. And while the salads and fish dishes are nice, we'll always love the soup trio, a small serving of the restaurant's three soups of the day.

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