The Top 5 Most Over Used Spices

We bring you our top 5 list of most over used spices to save you from being a victim of over spiced syndrome. We want you to enjoy your food not spit it out.

1. Garlic: Ok, we all love garlic. But, just because the recipe calls for garlic doesn't mean you need to use the whole head. We're not warding off vampires (sorry, Twilight fans). A little garlic goes a long way especially if it's raw garlic. And while you're at it, take it easy on the garlic powder. Despite what you may think, adding tons of garlic powder doesn't give your dish lots of garlicky flavor.

The Top 5 Most Over Used Spices

2. Lemon Pepper: Putting a whole lot of lemon pepper on skinless chicken breasts doesn't hide the fact that it's still boring, flavorless chicken breast. Instead, lemon pepper just gives the chicken a fake citrus flavor that makes it hard to swallow. We would much prefer sautéing it with fresh onions, garlic, and lemon zest. If you can't give up your precious lemon pepper, then try it as a rub for meat.

3. Sriracha Hot Sauce: Sriracha is the perfect hot sauce for almost any Asian dish. We know some people who put it on every dish no matter what culture. But, really, you don't need globs and globs of the stuff. The purpose of eating is to taste the ingredients not set your mouth on fire. If your dish is bright red, that's your signal to back away from the Sriracha.

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