These Limited-Edition Holiday Treats Are Pretty Weird...But We Still Want to Try Them

Use these to test just how naughty or nice your kids have been.
Use these to test just how naughty or nice your kids have been.
Image from J&D's Foods

Ahh, the holidays. Time for roasted turkey and jingle bells and homemade pies and sriracha candy canes and...wait, what? We're pretty horrified about some of the limited-edition holiday products that have hit the shelves (remember Jones Soda's 2004 Turkey & Gravy Soda, anyone?).

But do you know what's even more horrifying? The fact that we kind of want to try some of them.

Check out these 5 Oddly Alluring Holiday Treats:

5. Sriracha Candy Canes

Thanks to J&D's Foods, the Seattle-based company that brought the world the wonders of sriracha popcorn and bacon deodorant, you can now continue to "trick or treat" people long after Halloween. The sriracha-spiced treats look just like regular candy canes, but you'll know the truth. We suggest dangling the innocent-looking candies right on your Christmas tree, inviting the neighbors over and just seeing what happens from there. That'll teach that bastard next door to stop taking things without asking.

Also, we should warn you (as J&D's Foods did on their Web site): "Under no circumstances should you crush these into a fine powder and inhale them up your nose." Thanks, J&D.

Why wouldn't Kellogg's make these?
Why wouldn't Kellogg's make these?
Photo from theimpulsivebuy

4. Pecan Pie Pringles

With last year's limited-edition White Chocolate Peppermint and Pumpkin Pie Spice chips and this year's Pecan Pie flavor, we're pretty sure Kellogg's Pringles Group is being run exclusively by a 15-year-old stoner these days. We don't even care if said stoner is making a gazillion times more money than us, because that kid is kind of a genius.

Rumor has it the pecan-pie-flavored chips taste more maple syrupy than nutty, but that's all the better to stuff into your Sausage Egg McMuffin.

Hey yo, Kellogg's! Get at us -- we've got some ideas for y'all.

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