Tony Thai & Sushi Restaurant #2

Following on the success of his first restaurant in the new Chinatown, Tony has opened a second location of Tony Thai & Sushi Restaurant #2 (17513 Highway 249, 281-469-3188) way out on 249 near Willowbrook Mall, only this time he's added sushi to the menu.

Dish talked with his assistant manager, Amy Suka­ziriya, who gave us the scoop. "Tony is kinda like my uncle," she said. "He knows a lot of people in the Asian community, and that community is very supportive, so many of our customers are Asian. Many customers like Thai food and many like sushi, so why not offer both? We have really good-quality sushi. We have a very traditional sushi chef, and he's very picky about the fish he serves. Many families come in, and some order Thai and the younger people order sushi. Our Thai food is very traditional, and many people have told us it tastes just like it does in Thailand." As for the drinks, said Sukaziriya, "We're working on a sake bar where we'll have maybe as many as 30 different sakes as well as sake cocktails made with lychees and loganberries."

During a Dish visit, the sushi sampler couldn't have been any fresher, and the Thai sausage appetizer proved to be an excellent choice. The green papaya salad came with salted crabs, imparting a fishy taste not unlike that of Vietnamese fish sauce.

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