Top 10 Restaurants In Clear Lake

Top 10 Restaurants In Clear Lake
Photo by Jared Cherup

There's more to Clear Lake than just NASA, the sadly rotting Jim West mansion and that hotel where a woman mowed down her husband in the parking lot. And there's also more to the area than overly-fancy eateries like Cullen's or old mainstays like Villa Capri and the Seabrook Classic Cafe. (Not that we don't cling to nostalgic memories of those last two places, but there's better food to be found in Clear Lake now.)

Below is a list of our favorite restaurants in the Clear Lake area. If we missed any of your favorites, let us know in the comments section.

10. BJ's Brewery
515 W Bay Area Blvd, Webster

BJ's isn't going to win any awards for its food. It's your typical Chili's-style fare (it is a chain, after all), but with a bit more panache. The food is broadly appealing to any and all dining companions you bring, no matter how picky they might be. The great thing about BJ's is the beer. Although the brewpub doesn't actually brew their beer on-site, it's still brewed locally at Saint Arnold. And the beer list contains great selections like the super hoppy Piranha Pale Ale and the rich, malty Tatonka Stout. And if drinking a chocolate-y P.M. Porter isn't your idea of dessert, BJ's pizookie -- a hot-from-the-oven deep-dish cookie topped with two scoops of ice cream -- is a gift from the dessert gods.

9. Chabuca's
316 W Nasa Road 1, Webster

Although a bit lacking in ambience, Chabuca's is a carnivore's dream. And if you're like most slavering carnivores, you don't really give two shanks about a restaurant's decor. You're here for the meat! Chabuca's has nearly every type of meat available for consumption: Alligator, lamb, frog legs, three different kinds of sausage and six different cuts of Angus beef are just some of the meats on the menu. The full rotisserie comes with Chabuca's excellent buffet and your choice (unlimited, naturally) of 20 different meats. For more conservative eaters, the less expensive half rotisserie comes with the same buffet and a smaller, yet still comprehensive, selection of meat. Come hungry. Seriously; we mentioned the word "meat" at least five times just now.

Top 10 Restaurants In Clear Lake
Photo by David Buehrer

8. The Egg & I 557 W Bay Area Blvd, Webster

Yes, another chain. But before you rake us over the coals, consider that The Egg & I is what every breakfast establishment should aspire to be: as cheap as Denny's or IHOP, but with the kind of food your Grandma would proudly turn out of her own kitchen. Don't bother waiting in line for an hour on a Sunday morning when you can head to The Egg & I and get fluffy pancakes, fresh-squeezed orange juice, a selection of four freshly ground coffees and a menu that explores dozens of different ways to crack an egg. Give Grandma a break and take her with you, too; The Egg & I offers great senior citizen discounts.

7. Boondoggle's
4106 Nasa Parkway, El Lago

For a little bar that's mostly hidden from the road, just off Nasa Parkway, Boondoggle's serves up amazing pub grub and even better beers. While the pizzas here are the real winners, with over a dozen different options to choose from such as the creamy Quattro Formaggio and the Cajun-inspired Jambalaya, there are excellent lighter options, too. Check out the ceviche (yes, ceviche!) with fresh shrimp and scallops or the snow crab and crawfish while they're still in season. Boondoggle's beer selection would put most Inner Loop bars to shame, too, with a constantly rotating lineup of seasonal beers and microbrews as well as a core of solid selections such as Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA and Left Hand Milk Stout.

Top 10 Restaurants In Clear Lake
Photo by Katharine Shilcutt

6. Sudie's Seafood House 352 Gulf Freeway N, League City

It's hard to miss Sudie's from 1-45. The log cabin-esque restaurant has a gigantic catfish hanging from a pole, instantly advising potential diners that, yes, seafood is served here. And lots of it. The first Sudie's is located in Pasadena, and was opened by the Bailey family in 1983. This League City outpost was opened 20 years later and has proven just as popular as the original. In a nod to the clientele in this area, Sudie's offers a 10 percent discount on Sundays if you bring in a church bulletin. As expected, the catfish is excellent, as are the crawfish -- while they're in season -- and the banana pudding, which gets our vote for Best Banana Pudding Ever. It's that good.

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