Top 10 Restaurants in Pearland

When we think of great dining, we think Pearland, right? Well...probably not. But if you happen to live there, you know there are plenty of places to get a good bite.

Top 10 Restaurants in Pearland
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10) Gringos Mexican Café, 2202 Broadway

Yes, we know that this place isn't what it used to be, but we remember Gringos from long before it expanded into a monstrous juggernaut of corporate hell. Back in its heyday, the original Gringo's was the best place to take visiting relatives wanting some traditional, fattening, gooey Tex-Mex. And maybe it's just the nostalgia, but we still get the occasional craving for some crispy chicken taquitos served with that unerringly delicious and creamy salsa verde.

Top 10 Restaurants in Pearland
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9) Mongo: The Mongolian Fire Pit, 11200 Broadway, Suite 400

Upcoming city that it is, Pearland now has its own outdoor shopping "experience" called Pearland Town Center, or PTC to the locals. Most of this is just your fairly standard mall shops and chain eateries, but Mongo has emerged as something a little different. With its cool neon-blue lights and large leather booths, the place has a modern, slightly upscale feel, but since it is the PTC you can still tote the kids here while wearing sweatpants. Once inside, you will find a friendly staff ready to help you fill up your silver bowl with an array of fresh goodies. Once you've handed it to the probably-not- Mongolian cook, prepare yourself for a lot of eating. We got two filling meals out of one bowl that only cost about $11.

8) The Pear Tree Tea Room, 5103 Broadway, Suite 101

This cute little tea room was originally located in a small house on Main St. but has since relocated to a nondescript shopping center. Despite the lack of originality in the new digs, Pear Tree still offers some yummy tea sandwiches (try the pimiento cheese) and an array of daily specials like chicken enchiladas or quiche Lorraine. The servers who call you "honey" and bring you hot spiced tea as soon as you sit down. It's a fun lunch spot.

7) Center Court Pizza & Brew, 9721 Broadway, Suite 101

Located in yet another shopping strip, Center Court pizza is a good family place and sports bar. We also remember it fondly as a great place to get totally buzzed at three in the afternoon on cheap pitchers of Blue Moon. The pizza is good, with a crisp crust and wide variety of toppings. There's a selection of salads that aren't half bad either. Check the website for daily drink specials, such as an all-day happy hour on Tuesday or $4 Grey Goose for ladies on Thursdays.

6) Santa Barbara Italian Café, 5012 W. Broadway

This tiny little café has only a handful of tables and is still BYOB even though two more locations recently opened up. The cuisine is described as "Italian food with a Croation and a French touch." If that doesn't intrigue you, just know that despite the occasional lapse in service, the food has always been superb. Try the ricotta-stuffed fried ravioli, and make sure to dip it in the honey mustard sauce. Follow it up with a big dish of the spicy penne Calabrese, which is topped with a creamy pepper sauce and blackened chicken. So good.

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