Liverwurst: Not just for sandwiches
Liverwurst: Not just for sandwiches
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Top 5 Creative Uses for Liverwurst

In the past, I've expounded on my intense love of liverwurst, a meat product that I feel has been unjustifiably spurned by modern foodies. I will admit the uses for liverwurst appear to be limited; aside from serving as a spread or sandwich filling, it doesn't readily lend itself to diverse representations. I've managed to come up with five additional, perhaps even novel, ways to incorporate liverwurst into your diet.

Why not try using liverwurst as:

5. A Spread for Morning Toast. It seems every nutritionist on the planet is advising us to add more protein to our breakfasts, so why not take a break from bacon, eggs or fishsticks, and spread some liverwurst on that multi-grain bread, English muffin, bagel, etc.?

4. A Frosting for Savory Cupcakes. Sweet cupcakes may be on their way out, but savory cupcakes are the next hot food trend. At least that's the rumor I'm starting. But seriously, if you've ever put butter on a corn muffin, you recognize that crowning a less sugary carbohydrate with a salty spread only enhances the flavor. See here for inspiration on your options for non-saccharine cupcakes and get frostin'.

3. An Additional Layer in Seven-Layer Dip. Most seven-layer dips are a hefty combination of sour cream, cheese, pico de gallo, guacamole, beans, ground meat, lettuce and/or olives stria. However, like my Great-Uncle Ted always said when it came time to load up the grandkids in his seatbeltless backseat, "There's always room for one more!" Make liverwurst the numero ocho layer in your dip and watch as your guests' ferritin levels rise with each scoopful.

2. A New Filling for Ritz Bits. Is is just me or has the Ritz-Bits brand sort of stalled? First there was cheese, then peanut butter, then "kickin'" cheddar (sounds painful), then....? Sigh. Well, don't wait for Nabisco to catch up. Buy some regular-size Ritz and construct your own super-size liverwurst "bits."

1. A Sushi Component. Specifically, I'm thinking futomaki, since the exterior seaweed seems strong enough to handle the extra girth from the liverwurst. For American handrolls, liverwurst would pair well, I think, with cream cheese, spicy mayo or avocado. Skip using it in any sort of roll that involves deep-fried fish; too heavy, I think.


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