Of course, you can always keep your turkey baster but use it to wind yarn.
Of course, you can always keep your turkey baster but use it to wind yarn.

Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets to Throw Out

Yesterday I looked at kitchen gadgets that truly have a positive impact on our culinary creations. Even though they may require some assembly and clean-up, they are well worth the energy and expenditure. Today, I'm looking at the flip side of the coin: the gadgets that collect dust in your kitchen cabinets because they are not even worth the effort of dragging them out. Here are my top five picks.

5. Garlic press: As a Cuban cook, I go through a ridiculous amount of garlic. Therefore I feel fully justified when I tell you to throw out your garlic peeler. There is no need for it. Get a big knife, use the side to smash the garlic, and the peel comes right off. I actually have a rock in my kitchen that I employ with excellent results.

4. Turkey baster: Unless you're a virgin trying to get pregnant, please throw out your turkey baster. Just brush on your liquid like a real cook, or ladle some on with a spoon. Seriously, at this point turkey basters are only good for dirty jokes.

3. Bagel slicer: Ok, if you really cannot slice a freaking bagel, you have problems. Luckily, they invented pre-sliced bagels just for you. Now throw out that tacky plastic thing that takes up precious shelf space.

2. Apple peeler: Do you really need something that looks like a medieval torture device to prepare your produce? I don't think so. Just use a knife and core and slice your apple like an adult. And unless you're baking it, don't peel it. And if you are peeling it, a simple vegetable peeler does in the job in under a minute.

1. Egg separator: I mean, really. A gadget to separate egg whites and yolks? If you cannot crack an egg and release the white on your own, you have no business cooking in the first place.


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