Top 5: Places to See and Be Seen

Benjy's on Washington on a Friday night
Benjy's on Washington on a Friday night

Let's face it, Houstonians have a tendency to be fickle. They flock to the coolest places when it's new and hip to do so, losing interest and moving on when the next hot new thing hits the scene. 

When a place is "in," though, everyone seems to want to be there, which means that a hot new restaurant will attract a beautiful crowd. After all, everyone wants to see and be seen once in a while, and what's better than a night out when everyone's decked out to the nines looking ready to impress?

Here's my "of the moment" list of places to see and be seen.

5. Benjy's on Washington Boasting one of the best happy hours in town, Benjy's on Washington has got to be the pre-going-out dining destination of the moment. The retro-modern decor is the perfect setting for the younger set in their glittery pre-clubbing gear, who will often come in larger parties. On the night I was there, the chef's table area -- set smack dab in the center of the restaurant -- showcased eight lovely ladies having a great time. It's the ultimate pre-party social-gathering spot, a place to get the party started, and everyone is there to check out the action before the sun goes down.

Philippe Restaurant main dining room on a Wednesday night
Philippe Restaurant main dining room on a Wednesday night

4. Philippe Restaurant + Lounge

Since it opened in early February, Philippe has been getting rave reviews for its food as well as its ambience. It's also one of those places in Houston where you just might see a TV celebrity -- like when Robert Kardashian recently stopped by for the Final Four -- or a Houston celebrity, as when Carolyn Farb stopped by for Philippe's grand opening party. Whether people come here for the food, for the off chance of a celebrity sighting, or to get a personal greeting from the French chef-proprietor Philippe himself, I have no idea, but the Philippe dining room is always busy. And a the busier a place is, the more everyone else wants to be there.

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