Top Five Frozen Yogurt Shops in Houston

Frozen yogurt is nothing without the toppings.
Frozen yogurt is nothing without the toppings.
Photo by cherrylet

In 2005 in California, Pinkberry frozen yogurt shops began selling the concoction. Pinkberry began with just a few flavors, including the Original tart yogurt. As the popularity of the brand's product grew, so did the number of flavors and individual frozen yogurt establishments.

Maybe the reason for the popularity of this creamy, ice-cream-like yogurt can be credited to its being lighter and "healthier" than regular full-fat ice cream. Or maybe it's because frozen yogurt is trendy, and let's face it, we all jump on the bandwagon of something glamorous and fun like froyo. Or maybe it's because we love the feeling of getting to dispense whatever swirl, blend or combination of pretty frozen yogurt colors and flavors, then topping it with everything from cereal and chocolate chips to fresh fruit and gummy bears.

Whatever the reason is, frozen yogurt is a dessert trend many absolutely adore. But gone are the days of single Pinkberry establishments in California and New York; Houston has its own lineup of froyo shops. So, to make your decision of where to swirl yourself a cup of yogurt easier, we give you the top five frozen yogurt shops in Houston. You're welcome.

5. Pinkberry

Speaking of Pinkberry, this frozen yogurt shop has come a long way since it first began doing business in 2005. Now, its frozen yogurt lineup includes so much more than just the Original tart flavor. Indulgent varieties such as Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Hazelnut, Butter Pecan and Peanut Butter are served alongside fruitier flavors such as Mango, Peach, Key Lime, Lychee, Tangerine and Cherry. Pinkberry still sticks to its original way of serving yogurt, so you don't get to dispense your combination of flavors by yourself. However, that just means you will always have the perfect swirl in your cup. Pricing is a bit different, too; your yogurt is at a flat price per cup or cone instead of by the ounce; each cup or cone size has a specific price with and without toppings. But, you can add as many toppings as you want (or can actually fit). So sprinkle some white chocolate crisps, strawberry slices, crumbled granola, shaved coconut, scoop of Cap n' Crunch cereal and yogurt chips on top for the ultimate froyo cup. Check out the website for suggested toppings of each flavor, or just wing it and see what you come up with.

Mini cup and cone: $2.95 (without toppings), $3.50 (with toppings) Small cup: $3.50, $4.90 Medium cup: $4.50, $5.95 Large cup: $6.50 and $7.95

It's hard to not put a lot of toppings in your cup at Menchie's.
It's hard to not put a lot of toppings in your cup at Menchie's.
Photo by Molly Dunn

4. Menchie's

Menchie's just recently took over two Swirll locations in Houston (West Gray and Westheimer), and it's definitely making a name for itself. One step inside Menchie's and you might feel overwhelmed. There's always a multitude of super-sweet flavors such as Birthday Cake, Mud Pie and Dulce de Leche, as well as tart fruity flavors, such as Blueberry Pomegranate Tart, Honeydew Melon Sorbet and Hawaii Pineapple. So, don't be skimpy on the samples. In fact, you're encouraged to try all of them. And who can pass up that offer? (However, such a wide variety of flavors increases the chance for error and for some of the varieties to taste artificial, such as the Wild Berry Tart or Banana.) Did we mention that on Monday nights you can fill up on as much yogurt as you can for just $5? Leaning tower of froyo.

Cost per ounce: $0.49

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