All this and more can be yours...
All this and more can be yours...
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Trevisio Touts a Texas-Sized Happy Hour

A common complaint of Medical Center denizens -- whether they're in the area to work, to receive treatment or to visit someone in one of the maze-like hospitals -- is that there are very few decent places to eat and drink. (You thought we were going to say "parking," didn't you? That's just a given.)

Good news for those in sore need of a stiff drink at the end of a long day: Trevisio (6550 Bertner), located right next door to M.D. Anderson, is now offering a daily Texas Style Happy Hour from 4 to 7 p.m.

Texas beers are on sale for $2.50 during that time, and the selection that Trevisio has is compact but impressive: Shiner Bock, Southern Star's Bombshell Blonde, St. Arnold's Lawnmower -- a summertime favorite -- and Real Ale's Brewhouse Brown Ale.

Not into beers? Trevisio is serving up some creative cocktails, too.

All of the cocktails during happy hour are made with Texas spirits like Dripping Springs Vodka and Railean's Rum. Being a veteran of roughly eleventy billion trips back and forth down Highway 6, I'm already a fan of the "Road To Waco" cocktail, which boasts Maker's Mark bourbon, Balcones Rumble (a rum-like spirit from Waco made with pure sugar from Sugar Land, wildflower honey from Livingston and figs from Mission), lemon and Peychaud's bitters.

Other cocktails include a Gulf Coast Daiquiri, a Mojito in the Shade and a Tuscan Lemon Drop. Each one will run you a reasonable $6.50.

Still not finding anything you like? Don't fret: $5 will buy you a simple red wine sangria. If it's good enough for Jerry Jeff Walker, it's good enough for this Texas happy hour.


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