Truth in Advertising

I have long been a proponent of honesty in advertising, but when I saw Road Kill Hog Meat on the menu at Daniel Wong's Kitchen (4566 Bissonnet, 713-663-6665), I hoped it was stretching the truth. The hog meat is available on the lunch menu for $4.95, but it morphs into an innocuously named Garlic Lover's Pork for $7.95 on the dinner menu. The "garlic lover's" description is certainly true -- there's so much finely chopped fresh garlic that it looks like the thick slices of charbroiled pork are covered in sesame seeds. The pork, devoid of fat, is coated with a thin mixture of soy sauce and rice wine. The term "road kill" is meant to signify "freshness," according to one waiter. The carrot slices and snow peas mixed in with the pork are so fresh, you have to wonder if they even made it to the wok before being served.


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