Try These Seven Non-Burger Sliders in Houston

Little Big's does sliders right.
Little Big's does sliders right.
Photo by Brooke Viggiano

These days, there's way more to sliders than just burgers. And while we of course love the mini beefcakes, we're pretty excited to see some new kids on the block. From a breakfast treat to mini dogs, here are five new kinds of sliders to check out in Houston:

Chili Cheese Dog Sliders Where to find them: Little Bigs

Little Big's has long been the king of sliders, offering the tiny sandwiches in burger, pulled pork, and fried chicken form. But last year, the almighty trio got an upgrade when the restaurant added Nathan's slider-sized hot dogs to the menu. They're almost too cute to eat....almost. We love them smothered in slow-cooked chili, shredded cheese, and jalapeños from the toppings bar.

Pancake Sliders Where to find them: Union Kitchen

If breakfast appetizers aren't a thing that you participate in yet, they totally should be. UK proves that with these miniature pancake sandwiches, which get the royal treatment with a Canadian bacon, breakfast sausage, and fried egg filling. Share these with friends and thank us later. This story continues on the next page.  

These gyro sliders are unexpected gems.
These gyro sliders are unexpected gems.
Photo by Troy Fields

Gyro Sliders Where to find them: Byzantio Cafe & Bar

With thinly shaved and lightly griddled gyro meat, sliced tomato, basil, red onion and a hunk of creamy feta all stuffed between sliced French bread, these tasty sandwiches are like a Greek salad and gyro hybrid. A bit of mayo serves to soften up the crusty bread, but there's a ramekin of balsamic dressing for that, too.

Chicken & Waffle Sliders Where to find them: The Dogwood

Scratch-made buttermilk waffles make the base for this Southern-style 'wichette. And did we mention you can add bacon to the batter? You should. Either way, the waffles come stuffed with a hunk of deeply golden and juicy chicken, adding a nice spiced and salty crunch. There's also chunky peach preserves and super saccharine maple syrup for your dunking and drizzling pleasure.

Hot, sweet and crunchy, these oyster sliders are top notch.
Hot, sweet and crunchy, these oyster sliders are top notch.
Photo by Mai Pham

Oyster Sliders Where to find them: Lucille's

With crisp and slippery Gulf oysters, a sweet, creamy and spicy aioli, and tart tomato jam all stuffed into a trio of mini Slow Dough buns, these oyster sliders are a flavor explosion from start to finish.

Lobster Sliders Where to find them: Jonathan's the Rub

These sliders -- available at lunch with fries/salad and at dinner as a starter -- are worth the trip to Memorial. Chunks of seriously meaty lobster get tossed with a touch of mayonnaise, celery and lemon juice before being piled into two lightly griddle Hawaiian buns. It's a rich, briny, and slighty sweet affair that is not to be missed.

Meatball Sliders Where to find them: Paulie's

Plump, juicy meatballs make the perfect filling for these bite-size treats. Tossed in a touch of fresh marinara, the trio of Italian sliders -- like mini meatball parms -- are topped with arugula and served alongside a scoop of potato salad.

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