Unbelieva-Burger (Again)

In another "does-the-world-really-need-another-giant-burger" story, Hardee's (in Indiana) and Carl's Jr. (in Southern California) are testing out a new 12-inch burger. In the anti-Subway move, these abominations contain three large patties and three cheese slices wedged into a foot-long sub roll for a mere $4. If you're feeling healthy, add $.50 for lettuce and tomato.

Checking in at a whopping 850 calories and 20 saturated fat grams, it's obviously not something good ol' Jared will be promoting in the near future. We shouldn't be surprised, however, because it comes from the same company that introduced the world to a burger with 1,400 calories,as well as a breakfast sandwich with 47 grams of fat. This, folks, is just another reason the terrorists hate us.


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