Unexpected Treat

Troy Fields

You wouldn't normally expect to find blueberry croissant bread pudding ($6) on the menu of a Chinese restaurant, let alone such an excellent example of one. But then, Café Chino (3285 Southwest Fwy., 713-524-4433) is no ordinary Chinese restaurant. Even though this location is new, May and Eddie Chan have been serving Houstonians some of the finest Hunan cuisine since 1988. The dessert is the result of Chef May's dabbling in Western cuisine as a chef for the Houston Country Club. It tastes unmistakably of buttery croissants, which adds a whole new dimension to a dish traditionally made with bread. The tartness of the fresh blueberries prevents the sweetness from becoming dominant, and vanilla cream is drizzled on top in a final flourish. This is an extraordinary rendition of a classic dessert.

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