UPDATED: We're Giving Away Two $120 Tickets to Our Inaugural Menu of Menus® Pop-Up Dinner!

Join us at Haven on March 25!
Join us at Haven on March 25!
Photo by Groovehouse

Yesterday we announced an exciting new event to kick off Menu of Menus this year. On March 25 at 9 p.m., we're hosting the inaugural Houston Press Pop-Up Dinner at Haven featuring chef Randy Evans along with Kevin Naderi of Roost and Kevin Bryant of Eleven XI.

The pop-up dinner will be a great opportunity to sample some of Naderi's and Bryant's food away from the crowds at Menu of Menus. And besides, only the judges get to sample what the two chefs make for Iron Fork. The pop-up dinner is your chance!

For $120 per ticket, diners will get two hors d'oeuvres, a four-course dinner, and drink pairings. Unless you're the lucky winner of this ticket giveaway. In that case, you'll get all those things for free.

UPDATED: We're Giving Away Two $120 Tickets to Our Inaugural Menu of Menus® Pop-Up Dinner!

Here's how it works.

To be entered into a drawing to win two VIP tickets, successfully answer the following questions. We'll choose one winner at random from all of the folks who answer every question correctly. The answers to all the questions can be found on the Houston Press website.

1. Which two chefs competed in our first Iron Fork competition? 2. What would Randy Evans be doing if he wasn't a chef? 3. What is Evans's favorite place for fried food? 4. For which famous musician did Kevin Bryant once work? 5. What is the oldest bar in Houston?

Think you've got it? Email kaitlin dot steinberg at houstonpress dot com by 5 p.m. today.

Good luck! I hope to see you at the pop-up dinner on March 25!

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who entered to win two free tickets to the #MenuofMenus pop-up dinner, but we have a winner! Congrats, Ronald Muller, who got all the answers right and had his name drawn at random.

For the record, here are the answers:

1. Amanda McGraw and Kevin Naderi 2. Architect/designer or doctor 3. Barbecue Inn 4. George Strait 5. Leon's Lounge

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