Vanishing Act

The fried avocado ($5.75) at Haute Texan Tacos (2306 Brazos, 832-866-8052) is a fascinating dish, especially since you get to watch as the chef prepares it in front of you. He starts out with a fresh avocado, scooping out half and topping it with a magic filling of ground beef, onions, garlic, cilantro, pico de gallo and maybe a few more secret ingredients that he did not reveal. He then rolls this creation in buttermilk, dredges it in flour and repeats this step before submerging it in hot oil for about eight to ten minutes while the filling thoroughly cooks. The result is a scrumptious dish about the size of a baseball. The crispy exterior quickly yields to a soft and tasty interior that will quickly disappear before your eyes.


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