Corn & Spinach and Breakfast tamales.
Corn & Spinach and Breakfast tamales.

Vegan Tamales from Radical Eats, Urban Harvest Farmers Market

One of my favorite Saturday-morning breakfasts is also one of my favorite choices for yoga fuel: vegan tamales from Radical Eats, served up at the Urban Harvest Farmers' Market (2311 Canal St.).

These tamales are healthy and hearty, and a great way to transition from a leisurely morning at the market to a vigorous afternoon yoga class. You don't have to be vegetarian, vegan or dairy-free to enjoy them, either; I'm a confirmed meat-eater and milk-drinker, myself.

Radical Eats usually offers up three or four tamale options: Breakfast is a constant, but I've also seen Chipotle Black Bean, Spinach and Corn, and Sweet Potato tamales. My two favorites are the Breakfast and the Spinach and Corn--Chipotle is a little much for me early in the morning--and I almost always add some hot sauce or salsa from the well-stocked condiment table.

I love these tamales because they are fast and easy to eat -- we usually grab them on the way back to the car and eat sitting down. They are warm and satisfying, but light enough to eat before a hard-core yoga session.

The Breakfast Tamale is made from tomato, sage masa and eggless migas filling; the Spinach & Corn is made from spinach, calabaza and pepper masa, and has a corn and bell pepper filling. At two for $5, these tamales are inexpensive, delicious and healthy. On a weekend, there is no better breakfast to eat before hitting the mat.

I also recommend their homemade lemonade, often flavored with blueberry or mint. More tart than sweet, it's perfectly refreshing on a hot Houston morning.

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