Troy Fields


How do you respond to a bad pickup line? It's not something I think about much. I'm a guy — I'm usually on the other end of that exchange, wiping the woman's drink off my face. So it was a rare treat to watch my friend Ben react to being shamelessly hit on by another dude last Thursday at VOICE (220 Main, 832-667-4470). "Do I know you? Are you from New York?" Blank stare. "You're another actor from New York and I know you, right?" Blank stare gives way to look of confusion/fear, like President Bush taking questions on, well, anything. Finally, "Uh, I don't know...Houston. Wait, what?" Ben's fumbled reply didn't exactly deny the possibility that he had in fact "known" this guy at some moment in his past. Even so, the advance was thwarted. The New York actor recoiled to his hotel room to (a) practice his lines or (b) grab some Rohypnol. Did he move in because we were drinking from martini glasses with just one lady in our group? Was it Ben's skinny jeans? Who knows. I still don't know how to respond to a bad pickup line, but now I know how not to.

1 bottle Booker's Gin

Handful of Thai basil

Handful of lime rind



Place ingredients in a glass jug, store chilled and serve cold in martini glasses. Makes one batch.



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