Washington Apple
Troy Fields

Washington Apple

A few friends and I drop into Mink (3718 Main, 713-522-9985) late one weeknight, and the narrow bar seems to fill up with our presence. As we settle in, I wonder who's in control of the music, because Bryan Adams is whining out of the speakers. Derek the bartender is from Washington, and he suggests his own regional shot, a Washington Apple. There's Crown in it, so I'm down. I'm usually not the guy to buy a shot for everyone at the bar, but tonight's the night. There's only one reason for taking a shot: to get totally fucking hammered, right? We have a couple more, but everyone I'm with has to work early, so I end up being the last one in the bar. The owner has to unlock the door to let me out. I walk to the corner in the cold Houston air as the night's last light-rail train whizzes past me. The only people on Main Street are a few transients and I, but we all look like bums.

2 ounces Crown Royal
1 ounce Jägermeister
1 ounce DeKuyper Apple Pucker schnapps

Mix everything in a shaker and pour into a shot glass.


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