What a Burger, What a Birthday

What a Burger, What a Birthday

Today marks the 60th birthday of Whatabuger, a southern icon that's just as Texan as boots, bluebonnets, and barbecue. And to honor the day, the old-timer plans to party. So grab your Dynamo jersey and stop by your local Whataburger for "Orange Night Out" from 5 to 8 p.m. Every dine-in customer who comes dressed in the company's signature orange (any orange-wear will do) will receive a free Whataburger. Free, free, free!

Why should we go? Because Whataburger has always been there for us. When we were little we called it Water-Burger. Now that we're older, it's our late-night love. I know service men and women who go to Whataburger before they go home after a tour of duty, and others who've served it at their weddings. It eases our pain, beholds our triumphs, and still gives us tingles as we pull up to the A-frame. Robb Walsh even included the venerable chain in his list of favorite Houston dishes. Whataburger is family. I still call it Water-Burger.

We expected a cattle call when Whataburger offered up free breakfast for customer appreciation day, but the locations sat semi-idle. So let's do this birthday right, and let Whataburger rain glorious, old-fashioned burgers upon us. After all, when was the last time you were able to show your appreciation by freeloading?

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