When we rolled into Whataburger this morning to grab our little piece of the chain's Customer Appreciation Day, we expected to see lines out the door and mobs of people with orange-wrapped breakfast sandwiches. Not even close. Although Whataburger had been giving away the Breakfast on a Bun for free, it took less than five minutes to get our breakfast. No lines, no fussing or fighting. Just a hot sausage, egg, and cheese on a bun.

Whataburger gives you the option of bacon or sausage, and with or without jalapeños and picante sauce, called "Ranchero Style." We took the sausage option without Ranchero. The hand-held breakfast was pretty tasty. We think it may give the McMuffin a run for its money.

I wish that guy that narrates the Whataburger commercials was saying this: a hot, juicy breakfast sausage packed full of spices on top op a perfect egg circle layered with yellow cheese in between a soft toasted bun, well you just entered breakfast bliss my friend.

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