A warm, delicious and comforting bite of Nutella mug cake ... you want a bite, don't you?
A warm, delicious and comforting bite of Nutella mug cake ... you want a bite, don't you?

What's Cooking on Pinterest? Nutella Mug Cake

Baking a cake takes time and effort; especially if it is from scratch, but what if you could make a cake from scratch in less than five minutes? Too good to be true? I disagree.

Mug cakes are the perfect way to have your cake and eat it too. Pinterest offers a variety of mug cakes, from mocha to banana, but one flavor caught my eye: Nutella. After studying abroad in Italy last summer, I have developed a love for the chocolate-hazelnut medley.

Just gather your ingredients to bake a chocolate cake: self-rising flour, granulated sugar, an egg, cocoa powder, milk, olive oil or vegetable oil and, of course, Nutella.

That's all you need.
That's all you need.

The beauty of this dessert is that each ingredient is dumped into a large coffee mug and you just have to stir until it's smooth. No more mixing wet and dry ingredients or sifting flour -- just simply measure, pour and stir. As you stir the ingredients together. The Nutella dissolves into the rest of the ingredients, creating a thick and smooth batter.

Make sure you use a large coffee mug, because this cake rises like a souffle and you want it to cook through completely, otherwise the cake is undercooked on the bottom and overcooked on top.

Once everything is smooth, you are one-and-a-half to three minutes away from your own personal cake. Keep an eye on the cake as it cooks in the microwave because it cooks faster than you think and before you know it, you'll have cake in a microwave.

I absolutely adore Nutella.
I absolutely adore Nutella.
Photos by Molly Dunn

After the timer goes off, your cake is ready. This mug cake is fluffy, delicate and melts in your mouth. If you can wait a few more seconds to indulge in the chocolatey hazelnut goodness, dust powdered sugar on top for a lovely finish. But, if you can't (I don't blame you), dive your spoon all the way to the bottom of the mug and pull out all of the gooey chocolate-hazelnut cake, and sit back and relax.

This cake made me want to curl up in my favorite chair and turn on my favorite movie.

Next time you're craving sweets, make yourself a mug cake. It's the perfect personal dessert.

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