What's Hot at Komart Marketplace

Daniel Kramer

When the folks at Komart Marketplace (1049 Gessner, 713-984-2277) refer to dish No. 5, the dolsot bibimbop ($5), as "hot pot," they mean it literally. The "dolsot," which means stone pot, can only be handled with well-insulated gloves, and because it's so hot, it continues to cook all the ingredients inside. "Bibimbop" means stirred or mixed rice; white rice layers the bottom of the pot, and as time goes on, it forms a hard, golden crust which is much prized. Glass noodles, strips of carrots, bean sprouts, strips of seaweed and strips of what appear to be fried tofu form the main ingredients, with a raw egg sitting atop everything. When the dish arrives, you pierce the egg with a chopstick and swirl it around the hot pot so it cooks, binding all of the ingredients together. It all comes with sides of kimchi and pickled daikon (white radish).

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