Your Curry Home Companions

Here are some ideas if you're thinking about taking a break from America's favorite condiment, ketchup.

First up is....ketchup. But with a difference. I came across All Gold at Leibman's. It's from South Africa, uses cane sugar as the sweetener instead of high fructose corn syrup, doesn’t have any colorants or additives and has a hint of curry that I really like. Once you try this one, you'll have a hard time going back to Heinz.

Your Curry Home Companions

Next up, here are some Indian ketchups (a.k.a. tomato sauce) from Maggi, flavored with the spices typical of the subcontinent. You can find them at most Indian grocery stores including India Grocers (5604 Hillcroft at 59).

Your Curry Home Companions

Years back I gave a try at making Singapore style Chilli Crab. Looking around for a tomato sauce to use in the gravy I came across ABC Tropical Chillisauce at the big Hong Kong City Market and it worked great. Try substituting jumbo shrimp for the crabs!

Your Curry Home Companions

-- Jay Francis

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