20 Fictional Foods & Drinks We Wish Were Real

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Melange (a.k.a the spice): Its only fitting to start with a spice so powerful that a handful of it will essentially allow you to control the universe, at least if your universe is the same as Frank Herberts in the Dune series. Although the spice could technically be called a drug, we prefer to concentrate instead on its mind-blowing assets: an increased lifespan, greater vitality and the ability to tap into extra-sensory perception. Who cares if withdrawal is fatal and its nearly impossible to harvest? Well take some spice, please.

Magical (and sometimes terrible) foods and beverages from pop culture throughout the ages have always resonated with us. We dream of what they might taste like, look like, smell like. We relish the idea of their amazing properties and we even try to approximate them in our own kitchens. While some fantastic foods have actually been translated from fiction into reality, others will always be just a fantasy.

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