A Closer Look at Ba Mien Bistro

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"The chile basil wings — five for $7 — are masterpieces of poultry , and all the more delicious because I was so surprised by them. When I think traditional Vietnamese food (as opposed to more modern fusion takes on the cuisine), I think pho and banh mi, not chicken wings. So it was with much anticipation, and then rapture, that I bit into the sweet, garlicky, juicy wings topped with paper-thin wisps of fried basil." Read more about Ba Mien Bistro in this week's Cafe review. PHOTOS BY TROY FIELDS.

Published on January 3, 2014

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Dined at Ba Mien last night. Yes, the chile basil wings are outstanding. Grilled pork spring rolls were as good as ever. Vietnamese friends joined us for dinner. They love the Pho...perfect amount of star anise...said it was perfect. Will return again and again.

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