Hidden in Plain Sight: Lucio's BYOB

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Just when you think you know a neighborhood and just when you think you've uncovered every stone there is to pluck up and examine, Houston surprises you. It's one of the endlessly thrilling things about living in this city, one that's so full of treasures and so spoiled for choice that you can't possibly ever know all of its secrets and wonders. At least, that's how I felt the first time I walked into Lucio's BYOB a few weeks ago. PHOTOS BY TROY FIELDS

Published on June 6, 2012

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Lucio’s BYOB & Grill is a New American inspired BYOB, located on Taft Street near the heart of Houston. Owner John Sjoberg, and chef Brett Maeschand his team prepare a menu focused on the season, respecting French traditions along with classic and modern techniques to build a dining experience that evokes entertainment, excitement, and satisfaction. We love the charming service and recommend the beautiful patio for dining al fresco for the perfect romantic evening.

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