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  • The Best Houston Concert Shots of 2014
    They came from all over. Some brought guitars and some were behind laptops. Some went acoustic and some were pure electricity. Some wanted to make you laugh, others cry, others scream. We've spent many a night this year out a shows. Here are our favorite shots we captured at concerts this year.
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  • Houston Press Presents Tequila & Tamales 2014
    Radical Eats, Texas Tamale Company, Sylvia's Enchilada Kitchen, Los Tios and El Big Bad all met for battle at The El Cantina Superior to compete in the 2014 edition of Tequila & Tamales. Put on by us here at the Houston Press, these great teams battled to see who could throw down the meanest...
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  • Holley's Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar: A Closer Look
    "Thirty-three dollars for a dozen oysters sounds really high, but don't pass judgment before inquiring about them. These are not typical Gulf oysters. On a recent visit, there were six different types, including three from Massachusetts: Falmouth and Wellfleet, both with deep, bowl-like shells...
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  • The 2nd Annual Boogie In The Park
    Saturday afternoon at Bear Creek Park, family and friends gathered to remember Roy Samano, better known as DJ Elroy Boogie of The Almighty Krackernuttz at the Second Annual Boogie In the Park. Rocks Off photographer Marco Torres was on hand to capture the highlights.
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  • Texans Beat Down the Titans 45-21
    Everything seemed to go right for the Texans as they hosted the Titans. It was a big win for the team still trying to claw its way in to the playoffs. PHOTOS BY: Groovehouse (1-80); Marco Torres (81-150).
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  • The Best Houston Press Photos of November 2014
    We had a lot to be thankful for in November 2014. We caught some great concerts, ate some great food and met some great people. Let's do this again next year, Houston.
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  • KUU: A Closer Look
    "These meticulous preparations make KUU well worth a visit. Some of the fish is flown in from the southwestern Japanese island of Kyushu. Generous slabs of yellowtail sashimi were firm and radiated rich hues of pink that fanned out to a rose-petal red on the edges." Find out more about KUU in...
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  • Suicide Girls Get Geeky With Blackheart Burlesque (NSFW)
    The Suicide Girls touched upon all manner of fandoms, including Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Adventure Time and more, with their Blackheart Burlesque show. PHOTOS BY J TOVAR.
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  • Pi Pizza Truck Presents Free Pizza For Life 2014
    Since they had to turn over 100 people away last year, this year Pi Pizza Truck took their Free Pizza for Life concept up a notch with a raffle held at 8th Wonder Brewery. Winners of the raffle got to pick their choice of Pi Pizza art to get tattooed on their body and thus receive free pizza...
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