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  • Funkadelic: Bootsy Collins at Warehouse Live
    Funk is good for the soul. There's no denying it. After 12 hours at the office Thursday, Aftermath entered Warehouse Live clenched tight as an oyster. A whopping two and a half hours later, we left loose as a goose. ​In between, Brother From Another Planet Bootsy Collins and his plus-sized Funk...
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  • NASA's Final Shuttle Simulations at Mission Control
    As NASA's final space shuttle mission nears in July, the agency opened up the last rounds of training simulations at Johnson Space Center to the media, who got an unprecedented view of the crew and Mission Control this morning. The crew of STS-135 practiced final launch and ascent simulations...
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  • Counter Culture: Build Your Own Burger at The Counter
    The Counter is a California import – there's almost no denying it despite the modern Texana-style photos decorating the celadon walls – but don't hold that against them. It's also serving up some of Houston's finest burgers with a very Texan attitude that calls to mind a favorite fast food...
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  • Occupy Wall Street's Anniversary: The Greatest Photos
    For the past year, C.S. Muncy has been documenting the Occupy Wall Street movement for us. Peaceful marches, intense police clashes, and everything in between--he's been there. Assembled here are some of his greatest shots. More: Read the Village Voice's Occupy Wall Street Coverage SEE...
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  • Hockey Jockeys
    Phil Arnold and friends play air hockey, a game that has lasted far longer than the space program that inspired it. PHOTOS BY CHRIS CURRY
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  • Southern Naptist Convention at 14 Pews
    Drowsy people with pillows in hand gathered to learn about the benefits of napping and meditation at the Southern Naptist Convention on Sunday, June 12 at the 14 Pews. After a brief relaxation exercise, they napped and were then rewarded with cookies and milk for their conviction to napping....
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  • Saint Arnold's 17th Anniversary
    Houston's oldest microbrewery celebrated 17 years of beer-making at its new downtown facility Sunday. Beer lovers came out for pints of ale and lager, brewery Olympics and good times. PHOTOS BY MARCO TORRES
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  • World Naked Bike Ride (SEMI-NSFW)
    Saturday night saw the World Naked Bike Ride come to Houston, although it wasn't so much "naked" as "semi-naked" because this is Houston, not San Francisco. Still, bikers rode around downtown with a lot less on than they usually wear. PHOTOS BY MARCO TORRES For photos of other cities where the...
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  • 3rd Annual Redneck Games at Big Woodrow’s
    You just might be a redneck showed up at Big Woodrow's this weekend to take part in the Redneck Games. Contestants tried their hands at washers, laddre golf and toilet-seat horseshoes. And, of course, there were various shot specials throughout the day. PHOTOS BY THEO SANTOS
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  • A Sold-Out Crowd: Pilot Light Tickets On Sale at Revival Market
    The limited batch of 60 tickets to Seth Siegel-Gardner and Terrence Gallivan's upcoming trio of Pilot Light dinners sold out in about thirty minutes on Saturday afternoon when they went on sale at Revival Market at 4 p.m. PHOTOS BY KATHARINE SHILCUTT
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  • Motley Crue, Poison, & The New York Dolls
    Friday night at the Toyota Center, three bands offering three versions of old-school metal mania? Motley Crue, the burly and freaky metal band with a penchant for controversy; Poison, buoyed by good times (nothin' but) and the pop-idol good looks of the everlasting Bret Michaels; and the New...
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  • Getting Wiggy at Ei8ht
    Dancers and party-goers took to the dance floor at Ei8ht this weekend with brightly-colored wigs and matching t-shirts. PHOTOS BY SON LAM
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