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  • Hanging Out at the Hangout Festival
    Imagine the Austin City Limits Music Festival or even the rapidly approaching Free Press Summer Fest on pure, white sand just feet away from a (variably) blue ocean, or as Thurgood Jenkins from Half Baked would say, "Right near da beach. Boy-eeee!" Read our full review on Rocks Off and aso...
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  • Art on Wheels: Art Car Parade 2011
    The Art Car Parade, one of the most celebrated event sin the Houston art community, took place this weekend along Allen Parkway. More than 200 cars participated in the parade. Be sure to check out our slideshow of Friday night's Art Car Ball. PHOTOS BY JAY LEE
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  • Viva Las Berries: Pasadena Strawberry Festival
    An anticipated 50,000 people attended the 38th annual Pasadena Strawberry Festival, three days of food and family fun marking the unofficial start to summer in the Houston area. PHOTOS BY ADRIENNE BYARD
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  • Bathing Beauties: Galveston Beach Revue 2011
    Bombshells struck a pose on Galveston Island at the Bathing Beauties Contest on Saturday afternoon. Swimsuits varied from the modern Victoria Secret line to passed-down family heirlooms and ones found in vintage clothing stores. The Islander By Choice's 3rd annual revival contest comes as a...
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  • Only Hope For Me: My Chemical Romance at HOB
    Watching a band develop is a lot of fun, and My Chemical Romance have done just that. Yet, they have managed to stay true to their roots while doing so. Sure, their new album The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys sounds nothing like any of their prior work, but the familiar themes are all...
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  • 24th Annual Art Car Ball
    To kick off Art Car Weekend, the Orange Show hosted the Art Car Ball complete with musical, dance and puppet performances, art cars on display, and new addition, the Street Food Smackdown. Be sure to check out our photos from Sunday's parade as well. PHOTOS BY ROBERT EASLEY
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  • Requiescat in Pace: Famous Texas Resting Places
    Memorial Day is just around the corner and we thought we'd share some photos of the graves of local veterans and Texas founding fathers. The shots (shared by our talented Flickr users) show burial sites going back to before the Civil War and up through World War II, including some famous names...
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  • Beach Fashion for Memorial Day and Beyond
    An overnighter to Galveston last weekend gave me a quick, but revealing glimpse into what’s hot on the beach right now. My observations re: beachwear - bikinis/tankinis for women, board shorts for men (one notable exception as you'll see), kids covered up against the sun. The ultimate beac...
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  • Tightrope: Bruno Mars and Janelle Monae
    Somewhere, Michael Jackson is smiling again. At last. The King of Pop may be gone, but he was very much there in spirit Wednesday at Reliant Arena. Presenting two very different takes on post-Michael R&B, Bruno Mars and Janelle Monae were united not only by their obvious reverence for the...
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  • Lay Your Hands On Me: Bon Jovi at Toyota Center
    When you get down the nuts and bolts of it, Bon Jovi's appeal has always rested on their ability to match power chord to cliché. Look at some of those song titles: "The More Things Change?" "Have a Nice Day?" "Keep the Faith?" You wonder sometimes if JBJ eats a lot of fortune cookies. But what...
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  • Third Coast Cooking at Bootsie's Heritage Cafe
    A colleague and I were enjoying the bluesy rock on the hi-fi at Bootsie's Heritage Cafe when our genial waitress delivered our lunch entrées. The music faded in my head as I eyed the chicken-fried rabbit perched atop a creamy bed of grits. My first forkful delivered a succulent bite of thigh...
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  • Astros Vs. Mets: Minute Maid Parkour
    The biggest news from Friday's Astros game against the Mets wasn't the fact that the team was sold, or Carlos Lee's 2,000th hit, but a renegade fan who rushed the field, then evaded police by climbing, Spiderman-style, onto the roof of some covered seats. Our photog didn't catch the guy, though...
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