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  • Yates State Championship: 25 Years Later
    In 1985, Yates High School won the 5A State Football Championship, becoming the first HISD school to do so since 1953. This weekend, former members of the team gathered to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the win. PHOTOS BY CHASEN MARSHALL
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  • Kaleidoscope: The 2010 Orange Show Gala
    Saturday's Orange Show Gala feature aerial performances by member of Cirque Du Soleil, music from WAR, a fortune teller, and a silent auction in the basement of Finger Furniture. PHOTOS BY DAWN McGEE
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  • 4th Annual Turkic Fest at Hermann Square
    Turkic cultures from Eastern Europe to Central Asia were on display this past weekend in front of City Hall and the beautiful downtown library, the air thick with the scents of doner, burek and strong Turkish coffee. PHOTOS BY GROOVEHOUSE
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  • Swimsuit USA International in Nassau, Bahamas
    Swimsuit USA, a Houston-based modeling agency, took to the Bahamas this weekend to find the hottest swimsuit models in the world. Models from Russia, Hong Kong and across the United States competed against 7 models from Texas, including several from Houston. Read more on our blog, Hair Balls....
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  • Bieber Fever at the Toyota Center
    The last time Rocks Off saw this many lovestruck girls exiting limousines, we were at Junior Prom. So it's no surprise it took us a moment to grasp our usually tougher-edged bearings at Toyota Center on Saturday, as fans prepared for teen sensation Justin Bieber. Read the full story on Rocks...
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  • Tailgating Championships at Texans v. Chargers
    The Texans may have lost 29-23 at Sunday's game against the Chargers, but the real winners were the participants in the Bing National Tailgating Championship kickoff. The winning team from each Sunday's regional competition will earn the chance to compete for the national championship in Dallas...
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  • Gwar at House of Blues
    It's difficult to describe GWAR. Some say the band is a mixture of KISS, World Wrestling Entertainment and the Rocky Horror Picture Show; others simply dismiss it as nonsense. But the group isn't as simple as all that. Buried beneath heavy costumes, tucked under loud, nonsensical lyrics and...
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  • Ren Fest 2010
    Ahh, ye olde Texas Renaissance Festival, the time when lovers of legend and yore can let their freak flags fly in Plantersville, TX. If you haven't made it to the Ren Fest yet, you've got until the weekend after Thanksgiving to make it. PHOTOS BY SON LAM
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  • Heart at House of Blues
    It wasn't until we started digging back into Heart's material that we remembered just how much of their catalogue provided a framework for AOR and classic-rock radio. Sure, everyone remembers "Barracuda" and "Magic Man" - or should, anyway - but the Wilson sisters flat-out owned the Dazed and...
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  • Street Art for Tropical Storm Allison
    Wednesday night, street artist Daniel Anguilu held a fundraiser to benefit his new project: a massive mural covering the entire surface of a four-story Midtown building that was flooded and left dormant by Tropical Storm Allison. The event took place at Nouveau Antique Art Bar, across the...
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  • Rich's Freakshow in Disguise
    Rich's monthly Freakshow night took a ghoulish turn this weekend with the celebration of Halloween. PHOTOS BY SON LAM
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  • Little League Saints of the Fifth Ward
    Carlos Honore and his wife Tatum started up a youth football league out of nothing in an area of Houston not much known for opportunity or hope. PHOTOS BY CHASEN MARSHALL
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