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  • Main Street Block Party: The Bands
    Houston's brand new music festival, organized by local promoter Eric Dean, Houston DJ duo Grrrl Parts and underground rap star Fat Tony, showcased dozens of local bands at the handful of bars on south Main anchored by The Continental Club. PHOTOS BY JIM BRICKER
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  • Main Street Block Party: The Crowds
    Crowds flooded "The Island," also known as the rockin'est block in Houston for a brand new winter festival pulled together by local promoter Eric Dean with a little help from longtime Houston DJ duo Grrrl Parts and underground rap star Fat Tony. PHOTOS BY JIM BRICKER
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  • NOFX and Friends at House of Blues
    Now closing in on 30 years of existence, bassist/lead singer "Fat Mike" Burkett, drummer Erik "Smelly" Sandin, and guitarists El Hefe and Eric Melvin have gleefully shown no signs of maturity, save for a few politically motivated albums and a few discourses on death. But overall, NOFX is...
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  • Good Manors: Saturday Night On Washington Ave.
    DJs The Chad and Elroy Boogie take turns entertaining club-goers at the Manor on Washington Ave. every Saturday night. PHOTOS BY SON LAM
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  • Friday Night at Mercer
    Mercer's later Friday night happy hour (from 8-10 p.m.) drew a good-looking crowd last week. PHOTOS BY SON LAM
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  • Dunny Azteca Release Party at DOMY
    DOMY Books hosted a release party last night for the newest line of the popular Dunny figurines by KidRobot. Dunny is a smooth bunny-shaped vinyl character designed to be a blank canvas for artists to decorate and reinterpret infinitely. The most recent series, Azteca, features limited-edition...
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  • Molto Italiano at George's Pastaria
    It's that rigatoni campagnolo at George's that keeps me coming back here for more: tubes of rigatoni topped with that creamy tomato sauce, resplendent with plump nuggets of fennel-laced sausage and sauteed bell peppers, a dollop of goat cheese on top. It's that Italian classic sausage an...
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  • Princes of Darkness: Ozzy and Slash at Toyota Center
    For metal fans, Ozzy Osbourne's now 42-year-long career represents a platinum standard of evil cool. You start with Black Sabbath, work your way through the band's first four indisputable albums - made in the tiny two-year period between 1970-72 - and swear your undying allegiance to all things...
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  • The Room With Tommy Wiseau
    Tommy Wiseau, the mysteriously foreign auteur behind the 2003 cult drama The Room, was in town Friday and Saturday night to hold a Q&A session, introduce his film, meet fans, with some even dressed like characters from his movie. PHOTOS BY MARC BRUBAKER
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  • Gritsy: Houston's Dubstep Party
    Gritsy has been throwing Dubstep parties in Houston since 2006, and has recently started making strides to increase its profile into the larger electronic-music scene. PHOTOS BY MARC BRUBAKER
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  • Daniel Johnston's 50th Birthday Party
    Troubled manchild Daniel Johnston celebrated his 50th birthday with a throng of fans at Fitzgerald's Friday night. Despite a fitful performance, the singer/songwriter enjoyed a bit of cake on stage in a touching moment while the entire crowd sang "Happy Birthday" to the Texas folk hero. Read...
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  • Fetish Friday at House of Blues
    Sabrina Sin brought her friends along for a few semi-NSFW fetish performances Froday night at House of Blues. Performances included suspensions by Doctor Z, a burlesque dance by Calla Doll and live djs. PHOTOS BY MARK BRITAIN
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