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  • Thrice at Warehouse Live
    We didn't realize just how devoted Thrice fans were before this show, but trust us, now we know. PHOTOS BY MARC BRUBAKER
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  • Hole with Foxy Shazam at the House of Blues
    Not only was Courtney Love on her best behavior last night, she burned the House of Blues to the ground with her fiery vocals and incendiary covers. PHOTOS BY GROOVEHOUSE
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  • The 10 Best Reader-Submitted 4th of July Photos
    We asked for your best and you gave it to us. Here are the 10 best photos from the Fourth that were submitted to the Houston Press Flickr pool. Our winner, allison_b216, received a bottle of wine and a $50 restaurant gift card for their photo; don't you wish you'd entered now?
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  • International Swimsuit Competition at Rich's
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  • Power of Houston: Happy Fourth of July
    Professional volleyball players, Pat Green and even the mayor herself came out for the city's biggest Independence Day celebration yesterday evening. PHOTOS BY CHRISTOPHER PATRONELLA, JR.
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  • Houston's Historic Restaurant Signs
    While old favorites like The Pig Stand are only a memory now, we still have plenty of great retro restaurant signs lining our city streets to remind us that Houston does have history, even if we choose to ignore and demolish it.
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  • Our 10 Most WTF Reader-Submitted Photos (NSFW)
    We get a lot of beautiful, interesting and inspiring photos submitted by you, our readers, to the Houston Press Flickr pool. We also get a lot of photos that simply make us cock our head and say, "What the fuck?" These are our 10 favorites, and we love them all.
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  • Peanut Butter Miracles in Haiti
    Amid the chaos that is Haiti after the devastating earthquake that shook the country in January 2010, Dr. Patricia Wolff has made ending child malnutrition her life's work. PHOTOS BY JENNIFER SILVERBERG
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  • Houston's Top 10 Beach Houses
    The summer makes us long for a beach house of our own. Although the Texas coast may not have the allure of a tropical vacation in Puerto Vallarta or Kawai, it's a hell of a lot closer and our beaches are looking pretty good right now compared to the rest of the Gulf Coast. Here are the 10 most...
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