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  • Rocktober 2010: The Month in Photos
    It was a month for parties and costumes (of the Halloween and the burlesque kind) that saw Houston's first Fashion Week and the first time Gorillaz toured the US. Relive October with our Month in Photos slideshow.
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  • Ghoulsfest featuring Daniel Johnston, Macy Gray and Bad Brains
    GhoulsFest had everything going for it Saturday except one rather important detail: People. It felt... well, haunted. Normally, that would be an excellent thing to say about anything happening on Halloween weekend - except possibly a music festival where a few thousand people were expected to...
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  • Pics from the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear
    If you didn't get to the rally site by 9 a.m., you were likely out of luck when it came to finding a spot to join your fellow liberals in politely chuckling at the antics of Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and...Father Guido Sarducci? Were Waylon Flowers and Madame busy? Inevitably, one has to...
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  • Major Lasers: Ghostland Observatory at Warehouse Live
    As Rocks Off approached Warehouse Live Friday, we were treated to a group of construction workers and true Halloween-costume fashion, of course. We may have been one of the few crowd members who didn't get the costume memo. Many were packed in like sardines marinated with liquor and...
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  • Critical Massacre
    Critical Mass, the monthly bike ride to increase the visibility of cyclists to drivers, celebrated Halloween with a superhero costumed ride that ended with a party at Liberty Station. Critical Mass rides the last Friday of every month. PHOTOS BY MARCO TORRES
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  • The Babes of Oni-Con 2010
    Anime-lovers dressed up as their favorite characters for the sixth annual Oni-Con, Houston's homegrown anime convention. We found the hottest costumes and out them together for your viewing pleasure. PHOTOS BY MARK BRITAIN
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  • Rockets at Home
    The Houston Rockets played their first home game of the season Saturday night against the Denver Nuggets. Though the boys in red lost 107-94, costume-wearing fans were still able to enjoy the Opening Day Festival at Root Memorial Park across the street from the Toyota Center. PHOTOS BY GROOVEHOUSE
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  • Houston Press Halloween Party at HOB
    Partiers went all out for the Houston Press costume party at House of Blue Friday night. KISS tribute band Gene's Addition performed in the restaurant before the party moved upstairs to the Foundation Room. PHOTOS BY SON LAM
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  • Massive Montrose Fire Burns Agora And Antiques Store
    Last night in the midst of Halloween drinking festivities and the Montrose Costume Crawl, Agora Cafe and Antique Warehaus burned down. The two businesses, at the corner of Westheimer and Dunlavy, were destroyed by a three-alarm blaze as costumed revelers watched from across the street. PHOTOS...
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  • White Tigers Smashing Jack-O-Lanterns
    Two of the Downtown Aquarium's white tigers, Reef and Coral, got a treat today when trainers stuffed jack-o-lanterns with raw meat snacks. Turns out the tigers don't so much like to eat the pumpkins, but the challenge of getting the meat out of the gourd is a form of stimulating enrichment...
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  • Central Texas Wildfires
    Wildfires that started over Labor Day weekend, fueled by a historic drought and 30 mph winds, continue to burn mostly unabated across central Texas. Bastrop has seen the worst with 1,000 homes destroyed and 4 people killed.
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  • Extreme Athletes for the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
    ASA Action Sports Entertainment brought BMXers, inline skaters and skateboarding athletes to area high schools to help educate kids on how to say no to tobacco and drug use. The athletes brought with them a 14-foot half pipe and performed tricks between educational segments. D.A.R.E. this...
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