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  • Rocks Off's Reduxion at Walters
    Thursday night we found out that the Kinks never age (not in Young Girls' hands), Fat Tony is a fucking star no matter how loosely he interprets the Too Short catalog and it's best to duck if The Burden is onstage, whether they're playing Black Flag songs or their own. Read a review of the...
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  • Dunny at DOMY
    Domy Books hosted a release and trading party for the Dunny 2010! series of vinyl collectable toys Thursday. Fans stood in line to purchase the Dunnys by the case in hopes of finding a rare or "chase" figure. PHOTOS BY GROOVEHOUSE
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  • Jack Johnson at The Woodlands
    The dirty secret about Jack Johnson is that he may be the closest thing this generation has to the iconic singer-songwriters our parents grew up with in the late '60s to the early '70s. Read the full review of his Wednesday night performance at The Woodlands Pavilion on Rocks Off. PHOTOS BY...
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  • "The Response" at Reliant Arena
    Governor Rick Perry lead a prayer gathering called "The Response" Saturday at Reliant Arena as protesters gathered outside. PHOTOS BY GROOVEHOUSE
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  • Honduras in Houston
    Honduras Maya Cafe & Bar, the new Honduran restaurant on Bellaire Boulevard, hasn't been open long, but it's a welcome addition to the city's entirely too small Honduran dining scene, which currently consists of Las Hamacas — a chain with several locations around town — and a handful of other...
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  • Friday the 13th at Ei8ht
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  • College Night at Rich's
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  • Clutch Fantasy Mascot Camp at Toyota Center
    Saturday morning around eight we were standing next to the administration entrance at the Toyota Center with a group of high school and college mascots, their parents, and a few other assorted costumed campers. They all came packing their respective characters in huge Rubbermaid containers or...
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  • Pat Benatar at the House of Blues
    For some reason whenever we saw people after Friday night's Pat Benatar show and they asked what we thought, all we could do was shrug our shoulders. Usually after a show, we have some sort of semblance of an opinion either way, from the artist reminding us of a burrito or, on the opposite end,...
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  • Cyndi Lauper at House of Blues
    Hoping Cyndi Lauper might tackle Lightnin' Hopkins Thursday night proved a little much, but lady can sing the blues. Perhaps sensing that her fans might get fidgety waiting around for the hits - as indeed they did - she told us early on: "It's a blues show, but it's not dead." Then she showed...
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  • Houston Press Music Awards: The Winners
    More than 40 winners accepted awards at the 2010 HPMA Ceremony at Warehouse Live last night. See some of them in the slideshow above. See the full list of winners on the Rocks Off blog. PHOTOS BY MARCO TORRES
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  • Houston Press Music Awards Ceremony: The Performers and The Crowd
    Nominees, friends and fans gathered at Warehouse Live last night for the 2010 HPMA Ceremony honoring more than 40 members of the Houston music scene. Read a full recap of the evening on the Rocks Off blog. PHOTOS BY MARCO TORRES
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