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  • Lone Star Bash at the Brewery
    We were lucky, or crazy, enough to hop a ride on a party bus to the Lone Star Bash at The Brewery in San Antonio. Our stomach, liver, and brain were on a twelve-hour thrill ride of free Lone Star beer, barbecue, tacos, and all the Texas music we could handle. Some of the bands on hand for the...
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  • In the Glow: Neon Indian at Groundhall
    In-the-know scenesters amassed Wednesday night as Texas' indie darling Alan Palomo performed to a half-full Groundhall, although many local vets still refer to the warehouse-like downtown venue as the Engine Room. PHOTOS BY JIM BRICKER
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  • ZZ Top: True to Texas in The Woodlands
    If you were raised in Texas, correctly, ZZ Top runs in your blood. Let's put it this way: If you don't own Eliminator, Tres Hombres, or at least a greatest-hits compilation and are currently carrying a Texas drivers license, we have little to no use for you. You need help. Why do you hate...
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  • Tom Petty Breaks Hearts in The Woodlands
    In a catalog studded with them, one of the saddest songs Tom Petty ever wrote is also one of the most revealing. As far as we know, it's never seen the light of stage since the tour for its parent album, 1999's Echo, but "Room At the Top" described the scene at The Woodlands Friday night to the...
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  • New Interior, Same Ei8ht
    Ei8ht has a brand-new layout inside, but the line to get in and the jam-packed dance floor are still as busy as ever. PHOTOS BY SON LAM
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  • Beauties at Brixx
    Saturday night at Brixx brought out the bachelorette parties and the beauties. PHOTOS BY SON LAM
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  • The Drums at Fitzgerald's Grand Reopening
    "I want this place to be the nexus of local music. It's going to be the anti-Mangos," Omar Afra told Rocks Off as he points out the changes made to the second floor of Fitzgerald's on Thursday night as its first night of grand re-opening festivities wound down. Read the full report on Rocks...
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  • The Art Guys: The Statue of Four Lies
    The Art Guys unveiled their latest project, "The Statue of Four Lies," yesterday in a ceremony on the University of Houston campus. In typical absurdist fashion, the event featured performance art, a petting zoo, the presence of Cougar cheerleaders and a stirring speech pointing out the...
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  • Smashing Pumpkins at Warehouse Live
    Looking fuller and broader than in years past, Corgan took the stage around 10:40 p.m. with his new-era Pumpkins behind him in front of a Warehouse Live crowd of almost 2,000. He looked giddy and playful at times, even during the night's most grueling new passages. The band, now consisting of...
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